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Art Editorial

morganblack.jpg Morgan Black: Solstice

Eston Arts Centre is pleased to announce the premiere of 'Solstice' a new film by Morgan Black.

Throughout the month of March they will be showing the film on their social media channels, as the building is closed due to restrictions.

Talking about the new film Morgan Black said, “The film focuses on the poetic mythological interpretations of winter and, specifically, the Solstice - which is the turning point of the year in many cultures and societies. Channelling the works of Robert Graves, the film explores the relationship between landscape, natural cycles, nature, and human interpretations of, and relationships with, these themes.”

“As an artist and a being who embodies and embraces duality, the performative elements of the film signify the two-faced nature of the goddess, who is death-in-life and life-in-death, echoing the primal lunar cults proposed by Graves, Joseph Campbell and Jane Harrison, while other aspects of the film are informed by the sublime, Eugene Thacker's 'world-for-itself', 'dark ecology' and black metal music.”

Morgan Black is a gender nonconforming artist whose multi-media practice includes digital video, performance, drawing, sound/music and written and spoken narrative. Their work has been featured in print by the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, and online with https://queerativity.art

March 1st –March 31st.