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speakeasylife.jpg Sexless and the City: What's the Damage of Being Denied Human Touch?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the world going into lockdown, join Life Science Centre for a virtual Science Speakeasy debate at 8pm on 11 March on the physical and emotional effects of going so long with limited or no human touch.

In Sexless and the City: what's the damage of being denied human touch? we'll be debating the importance of skin-to-skin contact – everything from a simple handshake to sexual intercourse.

At Science Speakeasy, nothing is taboo and the discussion will be steered by the audiences' questions, but here's some juicy topics that may be covered:

  • Is being denied physical contact and intimacy an infringement of our human rights?

  • Without the easy reassurance of a hug, are we getting better at communicating our feelings?

  • What are the physical responses in the body to human touch?

  • Are there any replacements for human touch that fill the gaps left by the pandemic?

Register for the event: life.org.uk/sexless-and-the-city