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rsz_4523.jpg Handsome & The Beast from Gender Swapped Fairy Tales

Join award-winning storytellers Brooke & Hannah from Little Supernovas & Onceupona on Zoom to imagine a world where kings prick their fingers as they sew, wolves wear heels, and princesses race to rescue sleeping princes. Today we'll see a creative performance of Handsome & The Beast.

Turning the fairy tales we know and love on their heads, Gender Swapped Fairy Tales shines a light on the gender stereotypes woven into the stories we've been telling our children for generations. From Sleeping Handsome to Jacqueline and the Beanstalk and Gretel and Hansel, you'll be dazzled by the world this one small swap creates.

Gender Swapped Fairy Tales by Karrie Fransman and Jonathan Plackett is out now and available to purchase from Seven Stories via bookshop.org.

Saturday 27 February, 10am. Tickets are £3 per household. This event is aimed at children age 3+ and their families.