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Stage Editorial

Patrice Lawrence.jpg INSIGHTS Virtual Lectures

Newcastle University have released the programme for their Spring 2021 series of INSIGHTS Virtual Lectures. The online lectures cover a wide range of topics delivered by leading public figures and eminent scholars.

Tuesday 9th February - President Biden: a clean slate, a correction to the norm, or more of the same? by Dr Sophia Gaston.

Thursday 11th Feburary - LGBT+ History Month Lecture: Is the gay novel dead? With Paul Burston, Journalist and Author.

Tuesday 16th February - Why do we fight? Evolutionary neuroscience meets conflict studies. With Dr Mike Martin, Visiting War Studies Fellow, King’s College London (6.30pm start).

Thursday 11th February -The Corona crash: How the pandemic will change capitalism. With Grace Blakeley, Economist and Author.

Thursday 25th February - Age of the techno-scene: Why we will need the arts and humanities to tame the tiger of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ and artificial intelligence. With Professor Andrew Thompson, Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Tuesday 2nd March - Child poverty in the North East region. With Jonathan Bradshaw, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, University of York.

Thursday 4th March - Stuck: How vaccine rumours start and why they don’t go away. With Professor Heidi J Larson, Author and Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project.

Tuesday 9th March - Fickling Lecture on Developments in Children’s Literature: What is life? With Sir Paul Nurse, Chief Executive, Francis Crick Institute.

Thursday 11th March - What’s the story? The job of directing character-led action films. With Marc Jobst, Writer and Director.

Thursday 18th March - Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatecrime – why is it rising and what can be done? With Iman Atta OBE, Director Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks).

Tuesday 23rd March - Britain and Europe: An unsettled history. With Professor Helen Parr, Keele University.

Thursday 25th March - Three tales from the biomedical frontier.Winners of the Faculty of Medical Sciences’ postgraduate public speaking prize describe their quests at the cutting edge of science and how their findings may underpin the medical treatments of tomorrow.

Tuesday 27th April - Tyneside Geographical Society Lecture: Why geographers need to stand up for the planet. With Zion Lights, Author and Activist.

Thursday 6th May - Brexit and Agriculture: What’s next for British farmers? With Dr Carmen Hubbard, Newcastle University.

Tuesday 11th May - From All Writers Matter to Zadie Smith (via Badgers) - a speedy A to Z of being aBlack British children’s writer in a publishing industry still working on diversity. With Patrice Lawrence, Writer and Journalist (pictured).

Thursday 13th May - Long-Covid: What will be the legacy from the pandemic? With Professor Chris Brightling, University of Leicester.

Thursday 20th May - Inaugural Barbara Strang Lecture: Accent prejudice: #us an’ all? With Professor Joan Beal, University of Sheffield.

Unless otherwise stated, lectures will begin at 5.30pm and last for approximately 30 minutes, plus time for questions. Information and links to upcoming events can be found at www.ncl.ac.uk/events/public-lectures