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Our Crack Little Crack

januaryblues.jpg January Is Dismal

Show me a person who says, “You know what! January is my favourite month!” and I’ll show you a person who needs chasing with an enormous butterfly net, capturing, and locking up in a place with very high walls (with spikes on top). January is dismal. I’ve been trying to get through it by pretending that it’s still Christmas. My meals consist solely of Celebrations chocolates washed down with Bailey’s, and I keep saying things like: “Is it Tuesday? You forget what day it is at this time of the year, don’t you?” People in my bubble keep telling me that I have to let it go, move on, but I’m wondering if there is anyone out there – a high-up politician say – who could convince everyone that Christmas was still happening. It would have to be someone for whom facts are a mere inconvenience, someone who can inspire millions to believe something that is, by any measure, patently not true. Yep, I’m thinking Trump (“It’s Christmas, by a landslide actually”), although by the time you read this, he may well be in jail (which, hey, would be all my Christmases come at once).