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Music Editorial

kobadelta.jpg Kobadelta

If you peer carefully through these frankly FAR OUT bits of undergrowth then you should just be able to make out the forms known only as Kobadelta.

Kobadelta’s last single “When It Rains It Pours” received a hearty slap on the back in our last issue and with good reason as it is a supremely confident rocker of a decidedly wired and psyched nature; not foot-to-the-floor stuff, but spinning off fractal guitar riffs which add up to an inner core of really frazzled blues. B-side “Tapestry” is also worthy of note, a deliciously dark and moody growler which highlights the fact that this is a band that doesn’t have to go for your throat for it’s thrills, especially when your heart is available through subtler means. The band are a five piece from Newcastle and they share similar genes to Bernaccia, another Newcastle band who lovers of all things bluesy and rocky and off-the-mappy should also get acquainted with. And what do you know! Both bands are playing together at The Cluny in Newcastle on Friday 12 July (8pm, £5) in a gig which has “OH! YES! MAMA!” stamped all over it. 

Seek: soundcloud.com/kobadelta