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Middlesbrough High Street Heritage Action Zone

A series of new artworks are set to add a dash of colour and creativity to Middlesbrough's Historic Quarter. The specially commissioned works with links to hidden heritage stories in the town will soon be appearing in and around Middlesbrough Railway Station.

The installations are part of Middlesbrough High Street Heritage Action Zone initiative, a partnership scheme between Historic England and Middlesbrough Council, and will be delivered on behalf of the Middlesbrough Cultural Partnership.

The Middlesbrough Cultural Partnership is a collective of arts organisations working closely with Middlesbrough Council to make the town the most creative place in the north east. The partnership began in 2019 with four founding member organisations - Tees Valley Arts, Navigator North, Platform A Gallery and The Auxiliary - and membership has now exceeded 50 organisations.

The initiative will bring together residents, cultural organisations and artists to celebrate what is unique about each place. Middlesbrough's first two commissions will see artists developing new site-specific temporary works in the pedestrian underpass between platforms in Middlesbrough Railway Station and the billboard area under the A66 bridge on Albert Road.

The Tunnel itself and additional connected sites for these commissions will offer a means of connecting residents and visitors with the town's cultural heritage. Artist Sara Cooper will use inspiration from Teesside Archives and the Dorman Museum to explore the natural heritage of the area using drawing and survey techniques to create a visual record of overlooked flora. This will include walks, plant identification and observational drawing with the aim of encouraging people to tell their own stories of the untold natural heritage of Middlesbrough. 

Photography collective WAX - which includes Amy Owens, Rachel Deakin, Antony Chambers and Jason Hynes - are exploring local identity through ‘inherited' family photographs. 

‘Family Legacy'

 will see the group explore the links between photography and memory, to create a curated selection of images with a focus on memories related to the Albert Road area.

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