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Our Crack Little Crack

trumpcov.jpg I see that Trump has managed to solve Covid

I see that Trump has managed to solve Covid. Apparently if you catch it you must not let it “dominate” you. That’s where the 210,000+ people who have died of it in the US have been going wrong. But I note that because of Trump’s positive test, the second presidential debate has been cancelled. It’s a shame he didn’t catch it before the first one. At least that would have saved me the bother of staying up late to watch it. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call – what the word? – presidential? The shouty debacle was entirely Trump’s fault of course and it brought to mind that old adage: Never wrestle with Trump. You both end up covered in neoliberal politics but Trump enjoys it. In among his cavalcade of lies, invective and megawatt bluster he managed to give a shout out to the Proud Boys. If you’re not familiar with the Proud Boys then I suppose our equivalent would be The English Defence League or The Football Lads Alliance (and if you’re not sure who that bunch are then try to picture a bunch of middle aged white men with bald heads and beer bellies spouting obscenities, or a gaggle of Right Said Fred tribute acts gone wrong: Right Wing Said Fred meets Reich Said Fred). In the end, Joe Biden had to resort to hurling insults himself, and I was left with the distinct impression that men are just way too emotional to become President.