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Mentally Sound: Life In Lockdown

'Mentally Sound' is a mental health/mental wellbeing radio show that broadcasts from Spice FM in heart of Newcastle's west end.

Ever since lockdown the show has been off-air so they've been recording weekly podcasts from home, alongside resident therapist Nicky, and handing out wellbeing tips to listeners, as well covering common lockdown topics like anxiety, children mental health, schools, face-masks, PTSD, the 'new normal', livelihoods etc.

The podcasts are called 'Mentally Sound: Life In Lockdown' and have featured guests from local mutual aid groups, food banks, St Oswald's Hospice, artists, musicians, bloggers, and even TV psychologist Emma Kenny, each giving their own personal insight to their lockdown life.

Spice FM generously broadcast these podcasts every Monday and are repeated the following Wednesday.

Twitter: @_MentallySound

Facebook: Mentally Sound Radio Show

Instagram: mentallysoundradio