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Our Crack Little Crack

desnil.jpg I’ve got an affliction that I don’t know the name of

I’ve got an affliction that I don’t know the name of. How does it manifest itself? Well, I have a peculiar need to make others feel smug about themselves at my own expense. This happened last week when I had three separate conversations about that ITV drama concerning serial killer Dennis Nilsen – which starred David Tennant as the murderer. To each of the three people I said, “David Tennant’s Scottish accent was superb” (Nilsen was born in Scotland). I know full well that Tennant is Scottish, but I got a huge kick out of hearing people say, “You idiot! David Tennant IS Scottish.” Crazy, huh. But I have to admit, I only lasted 20 minutes of the ITV show. Two reasons: 1. The coppers catch Nilsen in the first five minutes of episode 1  (sample dialogue: Policeman: “Did you kill him?” Nilsen: “Yes. The body is in the cupboard.”) WHERE’S THE JEOPARDY? And, perhaps more pertinently, 2. I misread the Radio Times listing. I thought I was tuning in to a three-part drama about Dennis Wilson, the drummer out of the Beach Boys. The fact that it took me 20 minutes to work out that I wasn’t, perhaps speaks of another affliction I may have.