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Our Crack Little Crack

horsehead.JPG The Godfather

I watched ‘The Godfather’ again over the weekend and something about it bothered me: the horse’s head in the bed scene. Remember? The fella who crosses Marlon Brando wakes up to find that he’s sharing his silken sheets with the noggin of his favourite nag.  What got me was this: how did the bloke not wake up when the gangsters were tucking the head in alongside him? You couldn’t sleep through that, could you? I couldn’t, anyway. I’m a terrible sleeper and have recently taken to Spotify in the hope of finding some soothing sounds to help me nod off. They have plenty, some of them bordering on the bizarre. Among those that promise hour upon hour of ‘Light Rain Sounds’ and ‘ Calming Bird & Chime Sounds’ you can also try ‘Air Conditioner’, ‘Starship Sleeping Quarters’ (“allow the deep rumble of a spaceship lull you to sleep as you adventure to the stars”) and something called ‘Brown Noise’ (which conjured up a lot of mental images. None of them sleep inducing). Needless to say, not one of these playlists worked. Maybe if I can find one called ‘Three Italian/Americans Arguing Over The Best Way To Get A Horse’s Head Into Someone’s Bed Without Waking Them Up’ I’ll be in business.