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Our Crack Little Crack

rsz_bobross.jpg Bob Ross

I hope that everyone has been catching up with the God-like Bob Ross on BBC 4 each evening. Apparently repeats of his ‘The Joy of Painting’ have been going down a real storm and with little wonder. Forget his paintings – which depict a view of nature so saccharine they would have Walt Disney himself vomiting into the nearest filing cabinet – and concentrate on the man himself. I say he’s “God-like” but suspect that Bob, as an entity, as a force, as an embodiment of all that is good in the world, might be even better than God. A recently screened documentary on the man showed footage of him wandering down to a lake, near where he lived, to feed the fish (note: feed the fish. Not kill them and dish them out to 5000 people). According to the documentary, when Bob had a heart-attack his only concern was: who is going to feed the fish? Also consider this: the Bible tells us that God created the land, the sky, the rivers and trees in six days. Well, as any ‘Joy of Painting’ fan will tell you, Bob does all that in twenty-five minutes (and Bob will also find time to stick in a little wooden shack – rendered with just three mighty swishes of his palette knife).