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Our Crack Little Crack

degasdrink.jpg Boozers

I loved how the BBC website reported the opening of pubs last Friday. They said that: “Pubs can’t open until 6am”, which makes it sound as if 6am (6am!) was some kind of harsh and draconian time for boozers to be throwing open their doors. Me? I was sensible and waited until 7am (and even then I only had a couple of what I like to call “breakfast wines”). Kidding. I’ve not been anywhere near a pub this weekend. I think I’ve grown out of the habit over the last couple of months of handing over a tenner for two pints only to be told, “It’s another 40p, love.” I did see a photograph of plenty of people queuing up outside The Black Garter in the centre of Newcastle, though. Apparently it was heaving (socially distanced style) just after 9am. I don’t usually judge people on looks, but everyone in that queue appeared to tick every “at risk” group going. (Not unless I missed the memo that said: “Wheezing fat men of pensionable age are now immune from Covid 19”.) I guess for some people: Black Garter Matters.