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dogg1.111555.jpg Latest Update On My Hair

Latest update on my hair. The best way I can describe it is to imagine a dog, a Cocker Spaniel, say, but one that has been neglected. Severely neglected. I’m talking about a dog that looks so bad that it’s actually made the news and had everyone tut-tutting about how the owners are an absolute disgrace, and it’s them that needs putting down. Well. Do you know those dogs? I now appear to have one Sellotaped to my head. Who knows when hairdressers will be allowed to open again but at least we can now all have barbecues! Hooray! Except, no. Not hooray. I hate barbecues. Dry sausages with side orders of angry wasps and drizzle. No thank you. Barbecues are one of those things that are better in your head than real life. Another is hot chocolate. In my head a cup of hot chocolate resembles a huge bar of Green & Blacks that has been melted into a mug. In reality it’s a cup of hot water, which tastes like it has been stirred by a Chomp.