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rsz_murmur.jpg Murmuration

New Writing North are creating a collective poem for our times. 

Murmuration is a way to bring us all together, a mass online collaboration to create a collective poem for our times, an inventory of what really matters, celebrating our love for the natural world at a time of Climate Crisis and Coronavirus.

You can contribute by writing between one and three lines of any length celebrating the natural world, beginning with either: Because I love… or What if…

Write the first thing that comes into your head or spend a little time mulling it over and crafting it.  Either approach is fine. The directness, authenticity and openness of your response is what’s important.

Whether outside or indoors, look closely, ask questions and remember: record.  Write from your senses, from your heart.  Catch what you want to say in sharp, vivid language – be precise rather than abstract.  Keep it tight, you only have a few lines – room enough to say what is true and essential.

Just begin with Because I love… or What if… and see what happens.