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lockdowntales.jpg Lockdown Tales

Calling all Northumbrians (hippies, gadgies and bairns). These strange days are history in the making, and your stories, no matter how small, are part of this history. So illustrator Jonny Hannah is once again asking for stories from you, the folk of Northumberland. And this time, Jonny would like you to send him your stories of life in lockdown. 

How is lockdown for you? Are you and yours OK?

Is there something you can't get from the shops, no matter how early you get there?

Does your house seem smaller? Are the days merging into one? Or is it business as usual?

If you're a key worker, do you feel safe at work?

Who is your local lockdown hero? Has social media kept you sane or driven you crazy?

How do you think lockdown has been handled?

Who, or what do you miss? Do you know someone, no longer with us, you wish to pay tribute to?

You and your modern folk tales are important. Jonny will weave your stories into his project which has been postponed until 2021. Please email your stories to Jonny at info@northumberlandfolk.info

You can find out more about Northumberland Folk at www.northumberlandfolk.info