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Music Editorial

rsz_local_scene_-_beth_macari.jpg Beth Macari

I’ll tell you what we don’t like about Beth Macari. Absolutely nothing. Nowt. Zap all. She is, for all intents and purposes, the complete package.

Newcastle’s Beth Macari looks like she’s left a string of shattered hearts behind her and stepped straight out of a 1940s movie. She’s got that femme fatale aura AND a knockout voice. If she threatened to shoot you, you wouldn’t mind, as long as she sang first. (Why does life insist on bestowing such gifts on one person? I have to make do with looks so average that I’m nearly invisible, and one talent, which is my – admittedly very good – impression of Sandi Toksvig.) And Macari can turn her hand to all kinds of music. I’ve heard her vocals add heft to dance and pop tracks, but when it comes to the soul stuff, she’s packing real heat. She recently dropped us a line to let us know that she has five (FIVE!) singles coming up, each accompanied by a music video. The one video we got to see – before the great Coronavirus shutdown – was for ‘I Promise’. This shows her in super-slink mode (that red dress – swoon!) for a soulful track that is resplendent with glorious pop hooks. It’s the perfect showcase for her effortless vocals too. She’s got a headline gig lined up on Friday 19 June at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle (perfect venue alert!) and I imagine this one is going to be hotter than a Gingsters pasty that’s been in the microwave for five minutes. 

Beth Macari, Friday 19 June, Hoochie Coochie, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, 7pm, £8. facebook.com/ bethmacarimusic