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Queer Editorial

rsz_quiver.jpg Quiver

There’s only one topic on Quiver’s lips this month…

Just a few weeks ago it seemed like everything was ticking along nicely (except is wasn’t). Now we have moved into a new phase of panic buying, mass hysteria and all-manner of emergency scenarios that may/may not come to fruition. One thing is for certain, I have zero faith in Boris Johnson and his cabinet. It comes to something when the man who, for the last few years, has spent his time dismantling the NHS (worra Hunt, we call him round our way) has been one of the few measured voices in the Tory party. I don’t blame them personally, but ministerial responsibility means the buck has to stop with the people voted into power. (I didn’t vote for Johnson, btw, but we’re all stuck with him now.) There is the need for well-reasoned, solid leadership that is shaped by one thing – keeping people safe, or as safe as possible. Just letting a new virus rip through a population doesn’t seem that great a plan to me, but what do I know? However, the folk at the WHO know, and they are all saying the same thing: speed and reflexivity are of the essence in managing what is going to be a long and drawn out global situation. My parents are in their mid to late-eighties and I am concerned primarily for them and all the elderly in our communities, along with anyone with underlying health issues. From where I am standing that’s a lot of people. At eighty-seven, my mother may be classified in the dropping-off-the-perch bracket, but she isn’t. She is strong, active and full of life. It is being reported that people in their eighties are recovering from the disease which is reassuring. One thing my parents are not is expendable. Did you hear that Boris Johnson: our elders are not disposable or any less worthy than their younger counterparts. I don’t envy any government dealing with a once in a lifetime pandemic, but please, put people before profits. Things are replaceable. Human beings are not. Also: don’t buy a 1000 toilet rolls in one fell swoop. If you have, wtf is wrong with you? We need level heads and kindness right now. Look out for your neighbours and help where you can. Until next time. Stay safe everyone.

Image credit Bartlett Artist.