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rsz_1rsz_karmac.jpg Keep Karma & Carry On

Karma Coast was founded in 2018 by Dylan and Magdalena when they decided to pool their combined 20 years’ worth of experience they have working in the professional health field. Their expertise lies in the world of CBD (or cannabidiol), a substance extracted from cannabis that helps support the body’s own production of endocannabinoids, which helps support the communication between the body’s systems.

Their latest winner? The Karma Pen. This is the most efficient and effective CBD vape pen available on the market. It’s a UK first in the fact there is no other pen with this CBD concentration. Pair it with their single source organic high terpene distillate oils for a 100% natural experience. They’ve managed to squeeze 365mg of CBD distillate into their cartridges so you’re getting a great deal of CBD for you money. The pen not only delivers a high strength dose for rapid absorption but with their unique terpene blends, it tastes amazing as well. Inhalation is the most bio-available method of delivery to the body with over 90% of the precious cannabinoids making their way into your system. The Karma Pen is extremely easy to use: simply screw the cartridge into the pen battery and it’s good to go. The cartridge has an exclusive carved red cedar wood mouthpiece making it a pleasure to use. They only use the highest quality CCELL hardware imported from the US. The Karma Coast vaporiser cartridge contains revolutionary new technology. The heating element replaces the traditional cotton fibre wick for porous ceramic instead in order to keep a smoother oil supply to the coil. This enables the device to create vapour without the burnt taste, which normally happens with other pens on the market. Find out more on everything that Karma Coast do, from the website, below.

Karma Coast, 68 Percy Park Road, Tynemouth, Newcastle, NE30 4LY. karmacoastcbd.co.uk