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Nil Living in Newcastle’s Grainger Market is a refill shop that is all about zero waste. We love it.

Nil Living is designed for those of us seeking a plastic free, zero waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The concept is to help us all live more sustainably, moving away from harmful products and increase awareness of our over consumption. Nil Living want to make it accessible, simple and affordable for everyone to make small sustainable everyday changes towards a low impact lifestyle.

They encourage customers to bring their own container to fill with their products, providing it’s clean, leak proof and will fit on their scales. They stock sustainable and high-quality containers for long term use, or you can make use of their free recycled paper bags for dried goods. In the process you will be cutting down on plastic consumption by going ‘package free’. Zero waste shopping is usually cheaper as you only pay for the product you weigh. They sell most items you would expect at a conventional supermarket, including dry food, household products and toiletries. To further their impact, they pioneered the growth of zero-waste shopping by expanding their product range to include beauty and cosmetic products, as well as baby care. They sell all products by weight (grams) including liquids and they display prices per 100g or per 10g.

With convenience being key in our busy lifestyles, they are continually pushing the boundaries of what they offer package free. They believe that having the widest product range is extremely important to have the greatest impact on reducing plastic pollution. They also take suggestions on board and will research every request.

The store was founded by Lucy Ritson from Fenham who commented: “In 2019 during a weekend away I stumbled across a zero waste store and quickly began evaluating my habits. I realised I was very uniformed and ignorant of my destructive lifestyle and so began educating myself. I began making small everyday changes to live a little slower and consume less. I started refusing single use plastics and ditched the disposables. I began critiquing my routine and searching for access to plastic free alternatives and ethical shopping. I struggled to find access to local resources which were convenient and within my student budget. Adapting to a zero waste lifestyle was overwhelming, time consuming and not easy, so I founded Nil Living to give everyone the choice of a sustainable lifestyle. I envisioned ethical, budget friendly and easy shopping all in one place without plastic. I wanted to build a brand to empower and educate others. I am still learning and adapting myself. I am not yet zero waste but I am proud of my effort and motivation.”

Nil Living, Unit 106/107, Alley 3, The Grainger Market, Newcastle, NE1 5QN. nilliving.com