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Art Editorial

abelrod2.jpg Baltic's Still Open! (Kind Of)

If you’re weeping hot salty tears at the thought of not being able to get your fix of arty goodness, then fear not. BALTIC is offering several ways to connect online.

Before all the shutters started coming down we got in touch with BALTIC and asked what they were up to. They told us: “As you will likely have seen, like all galleries and venues, we are closed until further notice.” Funnily enough, we had read something about that. They continue: “We are going online as much as we can so you can stay connected to BALTIC, our exhibitions, events and activities.”

The upshot is that they have virtual versions of some of their current exhibitions, including the glorious Abel Rodriguez show (work pictured). This features an extensive collection of images, information to read or download, and a video panning around the gallery space. You can also watch the full 16-minue film ‘Abel, which is installed in the gallery. They also have videos of artists, curators and BALTIC crew talking about their exhibitions, or leading you on gallery tours. You can also visit past exhibitions from Holly Hendy and the BALTIC Artists’ Award from their homepage. (They have plans to bring you artist events online in the coming weeks too.) They have made available an online video version of their family activity Meet & Make which you can find at: youtube.com/balticconnect or facebook.com/balticgateshead

Across social media, they are going to post daily images to inspire you, from both current exhibitions and their eighteen-year archive. You can see these posts on their social media channels and by following the hashtag #balticconnect What else? Oh – you can view BALTIC’s external viewing terrace on Level 4, and Level 5 viewing box, from their homepage (and if you’d like some kittiwake action then visit KittiwakeCam: durhamwt.com/kittiwake-cam). Get to it!