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As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t ignore the current health crisis as huge numbers of people are continuing to fall prey to this devastating virus. The people who seem most in danger: those allergic to grey areas and complicated answers to supposedly simple questions. Yes, the Trumpid-17 virus, or Trumpism as it’s been nicknamed, seems to be unstoppable. Much of the world has now been infected as supercarriers like Vlad the Putz, Bloody Modi, Captain Chainsaw, Boris Farage et al who, with the help of state media and various corporate arse kissers, are spreading the virus with apparent impunity. It’s become a global crisis. Who would have thought that when the Trumpid-17 virus first took hold in the States its core features would be so easily transferable? (Its core features being, for those who need reminding, the pollution of land, sea and air; the creation of ‘enemies within’; the maintenance of power by any means necessary; the substitution of truth with ‘post truth’.) These features haven’t been exactly the same in every country infected but in general there have been enough similarities for many people to be very worried. In the UK for instance people are asking just how one avoids contamination. Is hand washing really going to prevent the spread of this virus when infection seems to be spread by listening to fake news? Is it enough to isolate newspapers like The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail? Is it enough to wear a facemask in the environs of Westminster or the Cotswolds? Is selfisolation the answer when the questions posed by Trumpid-17 seem infinite? The Labour Party in the UK and the Democrats in the U.S. think they have the political expertise (and political spin doctors) to counter the worst effects of the virus but have they really got the antidote? The jury is out on this question, or selfisolating, as no one is quite sure. But, more importantly, how does one spot those that have been infected? Is the rumour true that showing people an EU flag wrapped around a vegan sausage roll and watching their heads explode enough to prove that they are infected? Or do they have to shout about the collected ‘writings’ of Toby Young and Piers Morgan to confirm beyond all reasonable doubt? And is the continual use of the term ‘Be Kind’ really enough to prove that a person is virus free? Broader questions also have to be asked about how the rate of transmission of Trumpid-17 caught people by surprise when the assumed antidote – once referred to as Liberal Democracy - seemed to be working so well and with such efficacy. And did the virus really start in the US or was it secretly biding its time waiting for the perfect moment to catch the world unaware? I certainly hope these questions are answered soon so we (the virus free) can, with Greta Thunberg’s help, conquer this terrible affliction.