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bingobag.jpg Eyes down!

I love bags and I love bingo. Put them together and I’m as happy as a pig on holiday. This beauty? It’s from Lulu Guinness, of course.

Why is bingo not an Olympic sport? I’d rather watch expert players casting their cold, roving eyes over eight cards at once than a 14-year-old trampolining (which entered the games in 2000, no doubt to the huge chagrin of the pogo-stick and hula-hoop lobbies). And then there is other dismal guff like BMX, beach volleyball and equestrian dressage, a “sport” in which horses score points for their abilities to prance. Prance! If bingo was included in the Olympics I’d have a good chance of making the UK team because I’m a killer player, and wield my mega-dobber with all the alacrity of a gold-medal fencer. One day… In the meantime I’ll just have to make do with Bingo making a splash on the fashion front. Inspired by designs from the Lulu archive, their statement Bibi tote encapsulates all the fun of a barn-like, out-of-town Mecca hall. They’re crafted from soft and textured bouclé (no, me neither) and feature chic black acrylic handles, vertical stripe lining, internal slip pocket, and that iconic bingo card design. They’re not cheap (£195) but the red square in the middle is ‘Free’.

Seek: luluguinness.com