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oversize20.jpg It’s big! It’s BIG! Oh, it’s enormous!

Can I get enough of Levi’s oversize corduroy trucker jacket? Frankly, no, I can’t get enough of Levi’s oversize corduroy trucker jacket. Why? Well, it’s roomier than the penthouse suite at The Ritz and that suits me just fine.

I think it was Lizzo who said: “Slow songs, they for skinny hoes, Can’t move all of this here to one of those, I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo, fuck it up to the tempo…” What I think she is trying to say – give or take – is that slimfit, as a beat, as a wardrobe, as a state of mind, is OVER. I’m a thick bitch. Fashion-wise I need something you can’t pick up from the 14-16 year-old rail in Top Shop (and by thick bitch, I mean I possess a curve or two. I’m not Dominic Raab thick.) I LOVE a roomy jacket and they don’t come much roomier (yes, it’s a word) that this corduroy trucker jacket from the ever-reliable Levi’s range. It’s huge, like someone has cut a slanket in half and stuck some buttons on it. But, hey, that’s the way I roll these days. Take it away Lizzo: “Pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pitty-pat (pat), Look at my ass, it’s fitty-fitty-fat (fat).” Oh, yeah! (Note: My ass is not fat.)

Oversize Corduroy Trucker Jacket, £120. levi.com