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Clubs Editorial

heaven20.jpg Afternoon delight

If you’ve ever trudged round the shops in the rain on a Saturday afternoon and thought, “On the whole, I’d rather be clubbing” then get a load of ‘Heaven In The Afternoon’. It’s at Hoochie Coochie. In the afternoon.

It was the great existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre who noted: “3 o’clock in the afternoon is always too early or too late to do anything.” He’d obviously never a cut a rug at ‘Heaven In The Afternoon’ which kicks off each Saturday at exactly 3pm. It’s only just started recently but I wish it had been around longer. I sodding love dancing in that long gap between dinnertime and teatime but, up to now, if ever I’ve wanted a Saturday afternoon shimmy then I’ve had to whistle. Hoochie Coochie, of course, have led the way with such stuff (see their popular Sunday Afternoon Soul Sessions) and now they’re doing the same for Saturdays. Don’t expect to hear any rock, indie or pop, though. This is strictly on a classic soul, disco and funk tip. And all the better for it.

Heaven In The Afternoon, each Saturday, Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle, 3pm-8pm, free. hoochiecoochie.co.uk