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Stage Editorial

schooluni20.jpg Shadows and revelations

Holy What’s ‘A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar)’ sounds like a joke. It’s not. It’s coming to Alphabetti Theatre in April.

In the near future there are blackouts. No one knows what is causing them but when they take place people are going missing. Now Steph and Bell, a schoolgirl and barmaid, have to search for their missing friend. What they didn’t bank on was the outside world infecting the theatre that stands all around them… This piece – by award-winning writer Lulu Raczka and director Ali Pidsley – packs uneasy humour in among all the chilly dystopian goings-on as it tackles themes concerning crisis, darkness, cities and hope. It has been lauded to the high heavens with even the Guardian’s notoriously hard-to-please theatre critic, Lyn Gardner, weighing in with fulsome praise. “It feels as if the show has slithered off the stage and into the auditorium, where it proceeds to worm its way inside your head,” she frothed, adding that the play had a deeply moral heart, “which suggests that even in times when the truth is slippery, it is well worth searching out.”

A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar), Tuesday 21-Saturday 25 April, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm, pay what you feel. alphabettitheatre.co.uk