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Music Editorial

chantelmcgregor20.jpg (Coronavirus Update) Guitar. Voice. Sorted.

(UPDATE: Postponed due to coronavirus. Rescheduled date tbc)

A female rock guitar prodigy at fourteen Chantel McGregor was told by major labels that she had, “a great voice, but girls don’t play guitar like that”. How wrong they were.

I’m not usually one for live albums. I’m usually all about the studio stuff. But there are artists I make an exception for. Artists such as Chantel McGregor. Last year she unleashed her ‘Bury’d Alive’ long-player and it’s as raw and exciting a release as I’ve heard in an age. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Down The Front Media burbled: “Can proudly stand alongside some of the classic live releases” while We Bleed Music weighed in with: “This has to be up there with one of the best blues/rock albums of the year.” Guitar World Music magazine even proclaimed it the 11th best guitar album OF THE DECADE. What has got everyone hot under the collar is McGregor’s Hendrix-like mastery of her guitar, which she couples with her on-point vocal attack. And she’s got tunes to burn, tunes that you can hear in full-effect when she visits Sedgefield this April.

Chantel McGregor + The Herbal Remedy, Friday 24 April, Sedgefield Parish Hall, 7pm, £15. chantelmcgregor.com  

Postponed due to coronavirus. Rescheduled date tbc.