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Music Editorial

marthahill20.jpg Martha of invention

We love the folky-art-pop of Martha Hill who isn’t afraid to send her tunes skittering off into all manner of interesting directions. She’s got dates in Durham and Middlesbrough in April.

Martha Hill is already the recipient of one of our coveted Single Of The Month trophies (metaphorically. We don’t hand out trophies. We’re not Pointless). It was for her fab (and still fab) ‘Blindfold’ single which I described as: “a stripped back affair with her soulful voice sailing majestically atop a backdrop of a vocal “oo-ah” refrain and other bits of instrumentation.” We’ve also been bowled over by tracks such as ‘Pick Me Up’, which has a pop/folk R&B vibe, and ‘Be Still’, which begins as a quiet, roomy song – that she still manages to load up with more drama than the RSC – before it lathers itself up into a slow, hip-hop grind. The multi-instrumentalist grew up in Scotland before leaving at 17 to travel Europe as a street musician. She’s now based in Newcastle and one of the real gems of the local scene. She’s got two gigs in the north-east this month and my advice to you would be see both.

Martha Hill: Friday 24 April, Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham, 7pm, £11; Saturday 25 April, Westgarth Social Club, Southfield Rod, Middlesbrough, 7.30pm, £9. ents24.com