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Music Editorial

picnic20.jpg Local: PICNIC

Sunderland’s PICNIC (who are totally rocking that caps-on look) are as bracing as a dip in the sea at Roker and their infectious new single is brimming with verve.

On PICNIC’s Facebook page they mention jazz/funk (ok, “Jazzy Funky Pop”), which is usually a phrase that has me reaching for my revolver. But – get this! – they’re really working that pop angle if their latest single ‘I Need Everybody’ is anything to go by. Also on their Facebook page, under “Influences”, they’ve listed one name: S Club Juniors. I assumed that was some kind of hilarious internet joke, but, what do you know, they’ve got the very same breezy manner as SCJ. ‘I Need Everybody’ is pepped up to the max and benefits – benefits! – from those jazz/funk inflections which include the sunniest of rhythm sections and fab wedges of sax. They’re fronted by Robyn Walker who certainly knows how to belt out a lyric (although listen to said lyric and you’ll discover that the song is, according to Walker, “about realising how reliant I am on other people… The main message is that it’s OK to need people around you, and to ask for help.”). The band have played alongside Dave Stewart, Little Comets and The Pale White and coming up this year you’ll find them performing at the Hit the North festival on 3 May and This Is Tomorrow festival on 22 May (both in Newcastle).

Seek: facebook.com/picnicbanduk