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Our Crack Little Crack

madrocket.jpg "Mad" Mike Hughes

How was your weekend? I spent mine mentally undressing my favourite politicians from history. If I’m being perfectly honest I wish I hadn’t bothered. Moving on… There’s been a lot of news lately, has there not? And in among all the floods and coronavirus stuff, I bet you missed the biggest story of all. This was the death of “Mad” Mike Hughes. The 64-year-old was killed during the attempted launch of his homemade rocket in the Californian desert. He was trying to reach an altitude of 5,000ft while riding a steam-powered contraption (yep – steam powered). A video on social media showed his craft (and, yes, I’m being generous with “craft”) being fired into the sky before plummeting to the ground. Apparently he was well-known for his belief that the Earth is flat (insert your own “not as flat as he is” lame joke here). He once also stood for office under a ticket of “public hangings” and “getting women out of the workplace”, so he was a bit of a twonk in other ways too. But there’s one thing I just don’t get about all of these flat-earthers, and their obsession with getting into space so they can get photographic evidence. If they’re that convinced their theory is correct, why don’t they just walk to the edge, and, you know, take a selfie?