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Stage Editorial

marksteel20.jpg Smiling in spite of it all

One of the UK’s most insightful (and, it has to be said, downright funny) comedians, Mark Steel, is visiting Durham in early April. To tell some jokes, presumably.

When Mark Steel toured his highly successful ‘Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright’ show in 2018 his outlook was wonderfully hopeful – despite Trump, Brexit, Labour Party travails, and his wife deciding to leave him. Now he’s back on the road with a reworked and updated version of the show. “Stand-up is not like film or theatre in that it can change during the run,” he says. “You drop a bit here, and add a bit there, so by the end of the tour you may have a show that’s different at least in part. But the new show is still essentially about me being chipper in the face of some miserable events.” While political, some of his views may surprise. “I don’t condemn people who voted for Brexit, as some do. I don’t think they’re all idiots and I can see why they came to that conclusion.” He even admits to a certain regard for the Queen after learning of her disagreement with Margaret Thatcher over apartheid. So then: always surprising, always challenging, but, above all, always funny.

Mark Steel, Thursday 2 April, Gala Theatre, Durham, 8pm, £15. galadurham.co.uk