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Clubs Editorial

regis20.jpg This man is having a techno party

Municipal, Newcastle’s independent and very much not-for-profit techno types, are having a knees-up in March, and, hey, you’re all invited. Fancy that!

This should be canny. Actually, scratch that. This will be all things beyond canny. This should be (caps on) TRULY MAGNIFICENT. Pushing the boat out are Municipal, real movers and groovers on the techno scene who are long-standing champions of the genre. Their nights are talked about in hushed tones by those in-the-know and always include the kind of live performance that sets pulses racing (their last event featured Autumns who is on Oliver Ho’s Death and Leisure label). Their latest night is a real biggie with Regis (Karl O’Connor – pictured) and James Ruskin performing together for the whole evening as O/V/R. Regis played a Municipal event last year with JK Flesh (aka Justin Broadrick who is in Godflesh and started Napalm Death with Mark Harris) and loved it so much he couldn’t wait to get back. Having this calibre of artist in a 200 capacity venue is the kind of stuff that techno dreams are made of and should not be passed up.

Municipal: O/V/R (James Ruskin + Regis), Friday 27 March, Star & Shadow, Warwick Street, Newcastle, 10pm-3am, £16. facebook.com/pg/municipal.newcastle/events    

Postponed until further notice.