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vinylcarcoat.jpg Vinyl makes a comeback

It’s good to see that Topshop, when the mood suits them, still knows how to pull a lovely bit of clobber out of their arse.

I really enjoyed Amanda Coe’s recent six-part BBC series ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’. Her take on The Profumo Scandal had plenty to say about the insidious nature of the establishment – in regards to money, power and whatnot – but what I took most from it were the wonderful fashions (shallow? Me? How dare you!). I loved checking out what Keeler and her good-time-gal mate, Mandy Rice-Davies, were wearing each week, because, as a decade, the 1960s put nary a foot wrong when it came to women’s fashion (and the gear the fellas in the West Indian community were wearing at the time was pretty sharp too). These new vinyl car coats from Topshop have a very distinct 60s vibe about them and I bet both Keeler and Rice-Davies stepped out in something similar at the time. They have plenty of lovely detailing including two-tone buttons, deep pockets to the side, a chest pocket, and white stitching. They should also keep the rain off when you’re hurrying away from paparazzos who are fully intent on getting the juice on whatever sex scandal you’ve found yourself caught up in.

Olive vinyl car coat, £59. topshop.com