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pumaraf Cool! But worse! Huh!

“Make things worse but cool” is the enigmatic motto of Chinese brand RANDOMEVENT who have teamed up with Puma for some natty new trainers.

Worse but cool? It’s an interesting concept and one that’s occupied me quite a bit over the last couple of days. Eye patches are undoubtedly cool (see: Nick Fury out of the Avengers; 1990s popstral, Gabrielle; and sundry pirates) but having one working eye is surely worse than having two. Maybe I’m overthinking it – it’s only a daft bit of fashion after all, right? WRONG! According to this press release that I’m looking at: “Cutting-edge streetwear brand RANDOMEVENT believes that clothes are more than just clothes – they represent your attitude towards life. This philosophy holds true in their debut collection with Puma, which is inspired by the concept of chasing the good things in life.” Whoah! That’s a press release that’s had a real touch of the vapours. That said, I do love these trainers and that’s for the simple fact that they’ve taken the classic Puma Ralph Sampson silhouette (fun fact: Ralph Sampson was a US basketball player who was something of a big cheese in the 1980s. I think) and not messed with it too much. Yes, they do have little yellow tags on them that state: “Make things worse but cool”, but – sound the “I’m Surprising Myself Here” klaxon – I kinda like those too.

Puma x Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers: eu.puma.com