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Music Editorial

feedyourwolves20.jpg Feed Your Wolves

Here’s a man who knows the value of a mid-distance stare with a guitar slung casually over his shoulder. He is Andy Davidson who, for all intents and purposes, IS Feed Your Wolves.

I can feel that straight off the bat you’re itching for some background information, so cop for this: Andy Davidson is a Stockton fella. He’s lead singer in a successful covers band and also teaches music lessons in schools. In short, when it comes to all things sonic, he knows what he’s doing. But he’s long had a passion to release his own stuff and so it has come to pass with his debut album ‘Save Yourself’, which came out at the back end of last year. He’s all over it – writing, performing, recording and producing – and on giving it a listen, it becomes immediately apparent that this is a chap who knows how to write a sky-scraping tune. I’m talking about songs such ‘I’m Alive’, in which you can actually feel your heart inflate as he sings it. He knows when to throttle back too but also when to floor it (such as with ‘I’m Not the Same’ which rattles along a pop/rock trajectory until it reaches one of those fist punching the air choruses). He puts me in mind of one of those US singer/songwriters such as Bryan Adams, who, hey, is still filling arenas so there’s definitely a market for these sort of classic tunes.

Seek: feedyourwolves.com/music