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Stage Editorial

seannwalsh20.jpg The most hated comic in the UK?

Seann Walsh hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons a couple of years ago for snogging a Strictly dancer but in all that furore it was often overlooked that he is a gifted stand-up.

It was actually Seann Walsh who described himself as the most hated comedian in the country. That all came about, of course, when he was caught kissing someone who wasn’t his girlfriend. But he’ll never be the most hated comedian in my head, certainly not while David Walliams is still drawing a wage. And the Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee was on fine form the last time I caught him (I loved his routine about how the youth of today don’t know they’re born and his description of the Blockbuster video rental stories: “What’s Blockbuster? It’s like Netflix, except you can’t watch the new release because someone else in your neighbourhood is already watching it.”) In his new show, Same Again?, he will be telling us the story of how he got here, from growing up in Brighton to gathering a slew of TV credits and glowing reviews and ultimately becoming a tabloid villain.

Seann Walsh, Sunday 5 April, Middlesbrough Town Hall, 8pm, £15. middlesbroughtownhall.co.uk