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warmduscher.jpg If you’re looking for unhinged…

London’s Warmduscher are undoubtedly unhinged but, then again, they’re undoubtedly entertaining. It’s a neat trade off. And you can see it in full effect when they visit Stockton in March.

No one does scuzz quite like Warmduscher. And they reached new heights (or is that depths?) of scuzziness with their deliriously good ‘Tainted Lunch’ album, which was released last year (it was voted sixth best long-player of 2019 by the DJs at BBC 6 Music). It’s a heady brew of post-punk-pop-funk and it also knows how to work up a really sweaty groove on tracks such as ‘Disco Peanuts’, which was the most seductive chunk of sound that I heard all year. They’ve been honing their mutant and subversive noise since 2015 with previous albums ‘Khaki Tears’ (think fractured rock and roll) and ‘Whale City’ (dangerously debauched twisted riffs) but they’ve really hit their straps with this latest effort, which comes on strong like a messy acid trip through the outer reaches of Hunter S. Thompson’s imagination. You won’t see this gig. You will experience it.

Warmduscher, Sunday 22 March, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 7.30pm, £12. georgiantheatre.co.uk   

Postponed due to Coronavirus. Rescheduled date tbc.