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stranger.jpg The Stranger

I’ve just finished watching the worst TV series I’ve seen in a good while so if you want to avoid spoilers for ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix then look away now. The first episode was ok-ish in a “this is really crap but in an ok-ish crap kind of way”. It then managed to find new ways to go downhill with each subsequent episode. The premise? A woman in a baseball cap (the titular Stranger) sidles up to a man in a bar and tells him that the miscarriage his wife suffered last year was fake. She was never pregnant. Intrigue! The show then spends the next seven episodes jumping through some massively unlikely plot hoops. The lowlights? I counted at least three instances of women being murdered accidentally (accidentally!). There were several interminable chase scenes, all of which had me sellotaping my tits back on because they’d fallen off with boredom (who knew Honda Civics could be so slow?). There was also a bunch of annoying teens who seemed to have wandered in from the world’s least funny sitcom (memo to the writers: if you’re going to have a side-story involving a be-headed alpaca, then you better have some idea where you’re going with it, otherwise viewers may think you have, quite literally, lost the plot). Tripe.