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Music Editorial

nickyrushston20.jpg Protest songwriter in residence…

The Department of Sociology at Durham University are experimenting with an innovative project involving a protest songwriter in residence. And that protest songwriter in full: Crack fave, Nicky Rushton!

I think it’s fair to say that we heart Nicky Rushton. She’s one of the prime movers and groovers behind two of the region’s most feted bands: All Because the Lady Loves and Mush. Her solo work ticks all our boxes, too. And we gave a hearty cry of “Great Choice!” when we heard that she’d been selected for this exciting experiment from The Department of Sociology at Durham University. She will work with four research groups (health and social exclusion, violence and abuse, higher education, and social exclusion and communities and social justice) to write four songs that communicate what research the department does to a wider, non-academic audience. Both students and groups, inside the university and in Durham city/county, will help to write songs about the issues they feel passionate about. Then, on Thursday 20 February – United Nations’ Day for Social Justice – the songs will be made public at events during the day and through into the evening. To find out more about this exciting project, visit the website, below.

Seek: dur.ac.uk/sociology/inaction/protestsong