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wreckreation20.jpg Jeans? Or works of art?

Country Durham clothing company Wreckreation have teamed up with swanky carmakers, Shelby American, to produce these bobby dazzlers. (To answer the question above: they’re jeans.)

Shelby American? If you’re thinking: aren’t they the people behind Mustangs, then you’d be correct. Their sports cars remain some of the most coveted vehicles around and Sally Smallwood dreamed of owning one when she was a girl. A graduate of Northumbria University’s fashion school she set up Wreckreation a few years ago and tentatively put the feelers out to Shelby to see if they could collaborate in any way. This led to her visiting their headquarters in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and they were blown away by her designs. Neil Cummings, Shelby American Licensing: “The workmanship and attention to detail have been synergistically aligned to the essence of a Shelby car, from the automotive fabrics used in the jeans, to the serial number that comes with each pair. Even the waistband bears Carroll Shelby’s signature, just like the dashboard of a Shelby vehicle.” Smallwood: “I tried to make the jeans buying process as similar to purchasing a Shelby car as possible. They are custom built and come with a certificate of authenticity and an owners’ manual, with wash instructions etc.” The cost? Let’s put it this way: if you can afford a Shelby car then you’ll probably be able to stump up for a pair of these.

More info: wreckreation.co.uk