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deadmansspex20.jpg Drop dead gorgeous

If you’re in the market for vintage glasses then take yourself off to Dead Men’s Spex, a super online store stocking all manner of 20th century classics.

Look at this lass! Just look at her! She’s not someone wearing glasses. The glasses are wearing her! And these beauties from the 1950s are an example of the kind of classic eyewear you will find at Dead Men’s Spex, who, belying their name somewhat, have an extravagant amount of stock for women (as well as, of course, for blokes). All of their frames are dismantled, cleaned, polished and re-assembled in their own workshop to ensure that they are in the best possible condition. They also have their own glazing facility, which allows them to fit your prescription lenses to any of their frames, making them not only stylish pieces of history, but very practical to boot. Dead Men’s Spex are the go-to company for anyone looking to enhance their period dramas with vintage eyewear and they have kitted out actors working on stage shows such as ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Motown: The Musical’ as well as a whole load of TV productions (think ‘Call the Midwife’ and recent BBC hit ‘The Christine Keeler Story’) and films (including the forthcoming ‘Peter Rabbit 2’, a feature in which the producers are keen to have everything looking as true to life as possible – apart from the bits with the wisecracking rabbits).

Seek: deadmensspex.com