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deerhunter20.jpg Orange alert!

Could 2020 finally be the year when the colour orange has a moment? If this Holubar jacket – as worn by Robert De Niro in ‘The Deer Hunter’ – has got anything to do with it, then that’s a big fat YES.

There are many things to admire about Michael Cimino’s 1978 Vietnam War drama ‘The Deer Hunter’: it’s carefully nuanced portrait of blue collar America; its examination of homeland machismo; it’s emotionally shattering depiction of war; but the thing I’ve always liked best about it is Robert De Niro’s orange jacket. Made by Holubar, he wears it when he goes on a boozy hunting trip up in the mountains with a couple of steelworker mates (and it begs the question: what kind of camouflage does the colour orange offer you up among the rocks and trees of Ohio?). Anyway. Mountain clobber specialist Holubar have just released a version of Bobby’s special jacket. It comes with a protective hood with snap buttons at the front, as well as four flap pockets with Velcro strap and a large vertical pocket at the back, which has a zipper. It’s also snow-proof, wind-proof and water-proof (although it’s not toxic-masculinity proof – DO NOT go hunting in it, not unless your kind of hunting is like mine: trying to hunt down a takeaway at 3am).

Seek: holubar.com