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Art Editorial

hancockred.jpg ‘Cock of the North

The Hancock Gallery opened to much fanfare last year but they’re only just getting started. We’ve had a sneak preview of some of the good stuff that they’ve got coming up in 2020 and they’re really going to be spoiling us.

The Hancock Gallery features some of the best looking arty spaces you’ll find anywhere in the north-east and, it has to said, the stuff they’re putting in it isn’t half bad either. They opened last year with a retrospective of Andrew Millar’s work and they’ve also showcased pieces by Martin Creed and Billy Childish.

They’re certainly not resting on their laurels however and in 2020 I’m particularly looking forward to checking out work from one of the most sought-after figurative artists working in the UK today, Mark Demsteader (work pictured – exhibition opens 13 March). Famed for his series of portraits of Hollywood star Emma Watson, his signature mix of atmospheric and ethereal settings are straight out of the school of jaw-dropping. There’s also a sense of the accidental running through his work, which only adds to their general dynamism.

Over the coming months the gallery will be transformed with several exciting group shows one of which will feature work from some of the most exciting artists working in America. These will include Ron Hicks who creates atmospheric, emotive and impressionistic portraits, which balance representational figurative drawing with a moody and muted colour palette. Also showing will be work from Quang Ho, a Vietnamese artist now living in Colorado. His subject matter ranges from still-life to landscapes, figuration and even the everyday mundane. He is inspired equally by the craggily texture found in the knot of a tree, to the power of a galloping horse, to the dusting of snow across a city as seen through his window. He truly finds something interesting in everything he sees.

Find out more about Hancock Gallery – and their exciting 2020 programme – from the website, below.

Hancock Gallery, 2 Jesmond Road West, Newcastle, NE2 4PQ. hancockgallery.co.uk