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Art Editorial

anutaside.jpg Winter tales

Azerbaijani photographer Rena Effendi brings together works from three award-winning photographic series at Side Gallery in Newcastle.

In the shot, above, we see a woman, Anuța Vişovan, who is tending to the fire at a sill owned by her neighbor in order to make palinca (a traditional fruit brandy). The wholly evocative scene was captured by Rena 

Effendi, an award-winning photographer who focuses on themes of environment, post-conflict society, the effects of the oil industry on people, and social disparity. Her images often document the back-breaking chores of farmers working the land in a traditional, almost mediaeval, fashion, in meadows and hills in Romania (where this shot was taken), Azerbaijan and Chernobyl. The exhibition takes in three series of her works: Built on Grass (2014); Chernobyl: Still Life in the Zone (2010); and Khainaliq Village (2005). Also showing at Side is ‘Tessa Bunney: Otherwise Unseen’, which brings together four series exploring life in rural communities in Europe and South East Asia.

Rena Effendi: Waiting for Winter & Tessa Bunney: Otherwise Unseen, until 5 April, Side Gallery, Newcastle. amber-online.com/side-gallery