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Music Editorial

workingmensclub20.jpg Your favourite new band

Are Working Men’s Club the great new indie guitar hopes for 2020. Yes, indeed. They’re this and so much more. Find out exactly what they’ve got when they play Stockton’s Georgian Theatre in February.

I was first drawn to Working Men’s Club when I saw pics of their lead singer, Sydney Minsky-Sargeant, leaping round in a t-shirt boldly stating: “Socialism”. Hello, I thought. Here’s a young man willing to nail some important colours to some important masts. That said, they’re not Billy Bragg. “I consider myself to be political,” he told NME, “but I’m not going to put that tag on Working Men’s Club. If people choose to interpret my lyrics politically, they’re probably not wrong. And I’ll add that in this current climate, you’d be stupid not to have an opinion.” The band released their debut single ‘Bad Blood’ last year and a clamorous press immediately likened them to The Fall. They certainly have that same kind of sharp and clattery sound – it has to be said – but they’ve added melodic rocket boosters. They’re not afraid to make a grab for post-punky basslines either, or electronic elements a la 1970s drum-machine pioneers Suicide. They’re playing Stockton on Valentine’s Day, which sounds kind of appropriate to me as I reckon a lot of people are going to be falling in love with this band in 2020.

Working Men’s Club, Friday 14 February, The Georgian Theatre, Stockton, 8pm, £8. georgiantheatre.co.uk