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Music Editorial

pollyand20.jpg Polly! Annie! Sorted!

Polly Paulusma is amazing. Annie Dressner is amazing. Put them together on a co-headlining tour and you’ve got the kind of amazingness you could barely even dream of.

They’re in Newcastle and Durham this February. Funny thing is, they both hate each other. Only joking! Polly Paulusma and Annie Dressner are great friends and collaborators and the kind of indie-folkies who know how to hit you right there. Paulusma has released three studio albums to date (FYI: all fab) with a fourth on the way. Uncut magazine has slapped a “finest young British female singer-songwriter to emerge over the last 12 months” quote on her, while she has supported everyone from Bob Dylan to Coldplay to The Divine Comedy. During 2019 she released one track a month collaborating with talents such as Kathryn Williams (yay!) and Tom McRae. Dressner, meanwhile, has won a place in many a heart since moving to the UK from her hometown of New York City eight years ago. She has drawn comparisons with Mazzy Star and Jenny Lewis and those comparisons are certainly not wide of the mark if you give her superb 2018 album, ‘Broken into Pieces’, a spin. In short: this is the kind of two for one offer that you simply can’t pass up.

Polly Paulusma & Annie Dressner: Saturday 22 February, Cluny 2, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £10, thecluny.com; Sunday 23 February, Old Cinema Launderette, Durham, 7pm, £13, oldcinemalaunderette.uk/retro-gig-venue