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Our Crack Little Crack

guillot.jpg Lordy, What A To Do!

Megan and Harry! Lordy, what a to do! I have to say, over the weekend my foremost thought has been: bring back the ruddy guillotine. Not for them, you understand. I want it brought back for tut-tuting Daily Mail readers as well as all those dolts who have worked themselves into such a tizzy that the only possible outlet for their anger is a radio phone-in show. But I’m really hoping that Megan returns to her old job as an actor on the TV legal drama ‘Suits’. Because, if the writers have anything about them, her first season back will include a story about a well-to-do family who are thrown into a panic when one of their members is caught out defending the actions of a child molester (there will be a scene when his legal representative clasps her head in her hands when he claims that he cannot physically sweat). And speaking of the royals, what’s up with my favourite members of that family: the corgis? I’m sure I read somewhere that the Queen no longer has any. Have they all died? Actually, now I come to think of it, apart the Queen, I don’t know anyone who has ever owned a corgi. You never see them kicking around the streets, do you? And now they’re all gone. I think there’s a scandal brewing here that is far bigger than anything Megan and Harry can cook up.