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Music Editorial

franccinelli20.jpg Joining the folk dots

The well-travelled Franc Cinelli is one of the most captivating folk artists around today and has drawn comparisons with everyone from John Martyn to Ravi Shankar. He’s playing Durham this February.

John Martyn? If you’re going to start throwing names around like that about someone then they better be good and, it has to be said, Franc Cinelli is very good indeed. And I totally get that reference, as Cinelli has that ability, like Martyn, to bend his songs into always interesting shapes. He was born in Rome but moved to London at a young age where he learned to play violin and guitar while immersing himself in a wide range of sounds from Muddy Waters to Lucio Dallo. A true troubadour, he spent plenty of time on the road before he released his first album ‘The Marvel Age’, which received much praise from the press. This was topped however, by the glittering notices he received for last year’s ‘Night Songs’, in which he harnessed influences from both the West and East (hence those Ravi Shankar nods). And this gig should be a real “must-see” as he’s supported by the region’s own Bill Jones, who returned to the limelight last year with the fab ‘Wonderful Fairytale’ album.

Franc Cinelli + Bill Jones, Saturday 29 February, Claypath Delicatessen, Durham City, 6pm, £10/£8. facebook.com/downbytheriverdurham