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Film Editorial

jamjar2020.jpg Bay watch

If you love film then you’ll love Jam Jar Cinema, a boutique cinema and lounge bar situated down the coast at Whitley Bay.

I was dragged along to the cinema last year to see some kind of superhero film. I can’t remember which one it was – there was a whole load of bozos in fancy dress throwing cars at each other – and I didn’t particularly like it (scratch that: I didn’t even understand it). But I’ll tell you what I did enjoy: the communal experience of sitting in a darkened room with other people and taking it all in. Nothing beats seeing a film in a cinema. And one of the very best in the north-east, a real gem, is the lovely Jam Jar Cinema in the heart of Whitley Bay. It has three luxury screening rooms, a newly-installed lift, and the most welcoming of bars (ideal for discussing the finer points of the latest Tarantino). They show all the latest Hollywood films, as well as independent and British releases, and they also push the boat out for family-friendly events and relaxed screenings (there is also extra support for the hearing and sight impaired). They have ‘Silver Screen’ showings each Thursday morning – with informal post-movies chats afterwards called ‘Talkie Thursdays – Friends Film Club nights, and a Pay As You Please scheme whereby guests can choose what price they pay for a ticket. What else do you need to know? That the drinks and snacks are kept on the right side of pocket pleasing and the staff are all second to none? You got it!

Jam Jar Cinema, 18-24 Park Avenue, Whitley Bay. More info and forthcoming programme from: jamjarcinema.com