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Our Crack Little Crack

acorah.jpg Still January!

It’s beginning to look a lot like – STILL JANUARY! Boo! What a dismal month. And it’s made even worse by the fact that town centres still have their decorations up. I think they should all have a big switch off – with a countdown and everything – and get a celebrity in to officially pull the plug (I imagine Greta Thunberg would be good at this). There’s someone in my street that’s still got their Christmas tree up. Last night the lights on it were defiantly twinkling away, but that twinkle no longer spoke of carefree times and goodwill to all humankind. It spoke of desperation; a clinging to a festive spirit that has now swilled down the drain with the last dregs of Bailey’s. In other grim news I note that Derek Acorah has now left us. (Someone always dies at Christmas, don’t they?) I once caught his TV show ‘Most Haunted’ and, I have to admit, it really did make me wonder what was on the other side. Still, it’s cheering to note that his death doesn’t necessarily spell the end of his career.